Western Civ

In this episode we follow Harold Hardrada and William of Normandy across the seas to England to battle Harold Godwinson for the throne. When the dust settled, William the Bastard would be re-titled, William the Conqueror. 

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We resume our narrative in this episode circa 1000 AD in the Kingdoms of England and Normandy. Things are not going well in England. A series of inept English rulers allow different Scandinavian Kings to seize control over the English throne. Finally, when Edward the Confessor established himself as the English King things appear to be headed in the right direction. But, left without an heir, the question looms large in the distance: who will rule when he is gone? Then, a fishing trip gone really, really bad, has a very odd result when Harold Godwinson, the heir apparent, shows up in the court of William of Normandy. And all that sets the stage for one of the most unusual and fateful years in human history: 1066. 

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