Western Civ

In this episode we take a break from the political narrative to focus on some of the key social and economic changes that are taking shape in Northern Italy between 875 and 1000 AD. During this period, Medieval Italy experiences a number of changes (urbanization, estate fragmentation) that will result in major changes to Italian economic and social life in the very near future. Next time, we will see how these broader changes influence the political development of Italy during this same period. Finally, in this episode I want to answer the often asked question: what did happen to the old Roman Senators and wealthy landowners after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire? 

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In this episode we continue our examination of the Holy Roman Empire between 973 and 1106. We pick up the story with Otto II and then follow Otto III and Henry II as they try desperately to both expand and consolidate German power in medieval Europe. Then, we detail the stories of Henry III and IV who would battle increasingly powerful and difficult Popes. The story comes to a climax in the epic showdown between Pope Gregory VII and Henry who must humble himself before the Pope and then seeks his revenge. 

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