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In this very quick supplemental, we take a short tour of Europe around the year 1450 (well, really 1453). There is a map posted on the website, westerncivpodcast.com, for those interested in following along. Then, next time, we start the Italian Renaissance!

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A bonus episode covering the history of the western world's most popular holiday. From Santa Claus to December 25 and the origins of the Christmas tree, we cover it all. 

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The entire "Alexander Redux" series is complete and now available for purchase at the website: westerncivpodcast.com. For only two dollars you get four hours of audio content. Enjoy a free preview here! 

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The battle for Constantinople comes to a head. Mehmet and Constantine fight for the future of Europe outside the great Theodosian Walls. Nearly sixty days of siege come down to five short hours. Giustiniani suffers a severe injury that sidelines him at the last moment, just when he was needed the most. When the sun set over Constantinople on May 28, 1453, it would set over the greatest city in Christendom for the last time.  

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Now months into the siege, Mehmet and Constantine trade blows to determine the fate of Constantinople. Mehmet launches several new attacks, which the Byzantines hold off, but just barely. Then, with his army becoming increasingly disgruntled, Mehmet settles on one last attack.  

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The lost city of Atlantis. Is there any more romantic archeological find remaining? Is it real? Or, does Atlantis continue to reside merely in Plato's imagination? In a three-part series, I take a look and answer those questions and more. 

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The battle for Constantinople continues as Constantine and Mehmet punch and counter-punch before the Theodosian Walls. This time, the battle extends to the Golden Horn for the first time as both sides look to the sea to score a key victory. 

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Today, on Veterans Day, we take a look at why we celebrate veterans when we do and how the holiday developed. And do not forget to thank any veterans you see today and every day! 

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Bonus episode! A sneak peek inside my new deep-dive series: Alexander Redux! In this ten-part series, we look at the lives of two of the most important people in western history: Philip of Macedon and his son, Alexander the Great. Each episode is available to patrons at patreon.com/westerncivpodcast and for fifty cents each at westerncivpodcast.com. In part five we follow Alexander as he finally encounters Darius at the Battle of Issus. 

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Today's bonus episode is a very scary (not really) history of the third most popular holiday in America: Halloween. From Jack-o-Lanterns to Trick-or-Treat, our modern holiday of Halloween owes more to our ancient Celtic roots than anything in American history. 

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Last time, we reviewed the Theodosian Land Walls and covered the opening moves made by Constantine XI and Mehmet II upon the latter's ascension to power in 1451. Now, we get into the gritty world of medieval cannons and how those were going to change the game completely as the siege of Constantinople truly begins. 

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A conversation with Adrian Goldsworthy about his latest book: Philip and Alexander available now at hachettebookgroup.com/titles/adrian-goldsworthy/philip-and-alexander/9781541646698/

We talk all things Greek and Macedonian. Tons on Alexander the Great and his father, Philip. Plus, a little fun on a historical what-if between Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great. 

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Constantine XI and Mehmet II make their opening moves for the battle for Constantinople. Constantine begs for aid, which is slow to come from a medieval Europe inching ever closer to modernity. Mehmet is more proactive, constructing a massive new fort only six miles north of Constantinople itself. But, in the end, let's face it, this is all window dressing. The true conflict will be decided at the Theodosian Walls, which we here review. 

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This is a bonus preview of the complete episode I did on the history of western thought covering Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. These three Greek thinkers form the cornerstone of western philosophy in many ways until this very day. The entire episode, which clocks in in just under two hours is available for purchase at our website: westerncivpodcast.com.

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In this episode, we get the other half of the story. This time from the perspective of the Ottomans, occasionally known to history as the Turks. We cover Ottoman history from roughly the time the Ottomans became a state until the rise of Mehmet II in 1451. 

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In a new Patrons-only (also available for purchase at the website) series, I am covering the history of western civilization but from the perspective of thought and philosophy. This first deep dive episode covers western thought from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to the early Greek thinkers that predate Socrates. 

The full hour and fifteen-minute long episode is available at westerncivpodcast.com 

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This time, we bring ourselves up to speed on Byzantium before we take that final plunge towards its final demise. This episode covers late medieval Byzantine history from roughly the Fourth Crusade until 1450. 

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A quick reap of the Hundred Years War including my analysis of why we should all DEFINITELY study this incredible conflict that straddles the line between medieval and early modern European history. If you enjoy this episode, check out all our other, much more detailed, episodes on the intricacies of the war. 

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After the death of Bedford, things begin to unravel quickly for English interests in France. Gunpowder has now replaced the longbow as the preeminent weapon on the field and Charles VII takes full advantage. By the end of 1453, the English have been driven from all but Calais, effectively ending the Hundred Years War. 

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Led by Bedford, the English in France attempt to snuff out the remaining resistance under the Dauphin. Suddenly, an unexpected challenge rides to the future French King's rescue: a young peasant girl that history will come to know as Joan of Arc. Together, Joan and Charles VII push back the English as Bedford struggles to hold Lancastrian France together as the Hundred Years War reaches its final stages. 

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Henry V returns to England after his victory at Agincourt to a jubilant population. Parliament quickly votes the king the money to continue the war and now Henry joins forces with the Duke of Burgundy to fight the Dauphin. Henry's early death in 1422 denies him the right to rule both kingdoms, but his son, Henry VI becomes King of both England and France that same year. In the years after the death of Henry VI, a fractured France allows John, Duke of Bedford to nearly complete the Lancastrian conquest of the realm. 

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The Hundred Years War continues in this episode as Charles VI descends into madness, France into a quasi-civil war, and Henry IV deals with issues at home, granting France a brief reprieve. That reprieve then comes to a crashing end then as Henry V takes the helm at the Battle of Agincourt. 

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All good things must come to an end. In this episode, we are back in late Medieval England as the two-hundred-year reign of the Plantagenets finally comes crashing down. Henry Bolingbroke sizes the throne from Richard II and the House of Lancaster rules England. 

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After Poitiers, Edward III, and his son, the Black Prince were flying high. They had the French King, John II, in captivity, and France was in turmoil. But, the fortunes of the Hundred Years War are fickle. This time, we follow Charles V, the new French King, as he rolls back English gains. Then, after the deaths of the Black Prince and Edward III, Richard II takes the throne and faces the Peasants Revolt of 1381. 

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I have fifty copies of my novel, If It Were Done, free to give away on Audible. Please send me an email at westerncivpodcast@gmail.com for the promo code if interested. Or go to the website, westerncivpodcast.com.

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In this episode, we pick up the Hundred Years War where we left off after the English victory at Crecy. Now, Edward III and his son, Edward the Black Prince, press the English forces once more into France, resulting in the English victory at Poitiers. 

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In this bonus episode, we take a quick look at how the Black Death altered medieval European medical practices, including changes in medical education, practice, hospitals, and the development of the public health system. 

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Three quick announcements:

  1. A new website coming!
  2. New (Totally Free) Book Available 
  3. Call for Educational Experiences Related to the Hundred Years War
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In this episode, I provide a complete recap of the Black Plague story arc from beginning to end in a highly condensed format. This episode covers the scientific nature of Yersinia Pestis, the spread of the Black Death through Europe in the mid Fourteenth Century, and the consequences of the plague, both long and short term. 

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In this episode we examine in more detail the short and long-term consequences of the plague. The Black Death has been credited with bringing about the end of the Middle Ages, which, as we will see, is both true and false. 

Here are the links to my books available for purchase on Amazon:

The Agency: Crisis at Kadesh

The Agency: A Whole New Kind of Marathon

If It Were Done: A Shakespeare Mystery Series Novel

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In this bonus episode we look at games, sports and tournaments in the Middle Ages. 

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In this episode we finish our historical story arc for the Black Death. Last time, we watched as the first cycle of plague died out on the Russian Steppe. But, this time we cover the Flagellants - one of the most memorable groups to come out of the plague. For all their hilarity though, the Flagellants remain an example of militant anti-semitism and apoplectic overreaction that we would do well to remember today. 

If you have not, please check out my historical fiction novel: The Agency: Crisis at Kadesh here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0859LCJ4M

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Today we take a look at food, cooking, and baking in the Middle Ages. We are going to focus on England and France because the types of food available would have varied so much by region that it would be impossible to give an effective overview if we did all of Europe. We will cover Medieval foods commonly eaten, the banquet, cooking techniques, and I even try my hand at a few Medieval European recipes. 

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In this episode, we continue to follow the Black Death as it ravages medieval Europe. In 1348 the Black Plague hits London and devastates its population.  From their the plague moves to Scotland and Ireland, Scandinavia, and Central Europe, before dying out somewhere in the wilds of the Russian steppe. 

If you have not, don't forget to check out, The Agency: Crisis at Kadesh, a young adult historical fiction novel about Ancient Egypt. Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0859LCJ4M

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Image One

Image Two

Image Three

Image Four

Image Five

Image Six

Image Seven

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While we all shelter in place, I thought I would put out a few fun supplemental episodes on cultural topics that I have not been able to fit into the narrative. This first episode in the series looks at the mechanics of cathedral building: finances, plans, workers, and the basic structure. 

If there are other cultural topics you want immediate episodes on, email me at westerncivpodcast@gmail.com

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We return to the plague narrative proper in this episode. Edward III sits victorious upon the medieval English throne fresh from victories in France. However, the Black Death cares not for kings or victories and marches towards England in the summer in 1348. In England, we get some of our best statistics for the plague due to the English tendency towards record-keeping. 

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We back the narrative up a little bit this time to catch up with England and France before continuing with the Black Death. In this episode, Edward III becomes King of England in his own right and the Hundred Years War begins. We explore the Battle of Crećy as well as the King's son, also a rising start: Edward the Black Prince. Finally, we look at how the longbow revolutionized combat in the Late Middle Ages. 

For those interested, I have included the link to my first Young Adult Historical Fiction Novel, The Agency: Crisis at Kadesh, here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0859LCJ4M

It will be available free of charge in ebook form from March 13-15. 

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We continue tracking the Black Death as it moves from Italy to France in this episode. First we follow the plague to Marseilles and see our first anti-semitic response to the mounting death toll. Then the plague chases the Pope out of Avignon. Finally, we follow the plague across the medieval French countryside before it descends on Paris. 

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In this episode, we continue our Black Death narrative. Last time we considered the impact of the plague on medieval Genoa and Venice. This time we turn to Florence, Siena, and Rome.  From Florence we get our greatest plague chronicler: Giovanni Boccaccio. 

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In this episode, we follow the Black Death as it moves from Sicily to Italy - striking the Italian cities of Genoa and Venice. 

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We resume our narrative proper and take up the story of the Black Death in this episode. Now, the Black Death finally arrives in Europe in 1347 via, according to some truth and a lot of legend, the Genoese traders of Caffa on the Black Sea. 

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In this final introductory episode to the Black Death, we consider the ecological factors that made Europe especially susceptible to plague in the Fourteenth Century. 

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