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In this episode we finish our historical story arc for the Black Death. Last time, we watched as the first cycle of plague died out on the Russian Steppe. But, this time we cover the Flagellants - one of the most memorable groups to come out of the plague. For all their hilarity though, the Flagellants remain an example of militant anti-semitism and apoplectic overreaction that we would do well to remember today. 

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Today we take a look at food, cooking, and baking in the Middle Ages. We are going to focus on England and France because the types of food available would have varied so much by region that it would be impossible to give an effective overview if we did all of Europe. We will cover Medieval foods commonly eaten, the banquet, cooking techniques, and I even try my hand at a few Medieval European recipes. 

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In this episode, we continue to follow the Black Death as it ravages medieval Europe. In 1348 the Black Plague hits London and devastates its population.  From their the plague moves to Scotland and Ireland, Scandinavia, and Central Europe, before dying out somewhere in the wilds of the Russian steppe. 

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