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Henry V returns to England after his victory at Agincourt to a jubilant population. Parliament quickly votes the king the money to continue the war and now Henry joins forces with the Duke of Burgundy to fight the Dauphin. Henry's early death in 1422 denies him the right to rule both kingdoms, but his son, Henry VI becomes King of both England and France that same year. In the years after the death of Henry VI, a fractured France allows John, Duke of Bedford to nearly complete the Lancastrian conquest of the realm. 

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The Hundred Years War continues in this episode as Charles VI descends into madness, France into a quasi-civil war, and Henry IV deals with issues at home, granting France a brief reprieve. That reprieve then comes to a crashing end then as Henry V takes the helm at the Battle of Agincourt. 

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All good things must come to an end. In this episode, we are back in late Medieval England as the two-hundred-year reign of the Plantagenets finally comes crashing down. Henry Bolingbroke sizes the throne from Richard II and the House of Lancaster rules England. 

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