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In this episode, we get the other half of the story. This time from the perspective of the Ottomans, occasionally known to history as the Turks. We cover Ottoman history from roughly the time the Ottomans became a state until the rise of Mehmet II in 1451. 

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In a new Patrons-only (also available for purchase at the website) series, I am covering the history of western civilization but from the perspective of thought and philosophy. This first deep dive episode covers western thought from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to the early Greek thinkers that predate Socrates. 

The full hour and fifteen-minute long episode is available at westerncivpodcast.com 

And, this plus all the episodes, are available to Patrons at patreon.com/westerncivpodcast for only $2 per month! Plus, it supports the show. 

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This time, we bring ourselves up to speed on Byzantium before we take that final plunge towards its final demise. This episode covers late medieval Byzantine history from roughly the Fourth Crusade until 1450. 

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A quick reap of the Hundred Years War including my analysis of why we should all DEFINITELY study this incredible conflict that straddles the line between medieval and early modern European history. If you enjoy this episode, check out all our other, much more detailed, episodes on the intricacies of the war. 

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