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Today's bonus episode is a very scary (not really) history of the third most popular holiday in America: Halloween. From Jack-o-Lanterns to Trick-or-Treat, our modern holiday of Halloween owes more to our ancient Celtic roots than anything in American history. 

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Last time, we reviewed the Theodosian Land Walls and covered the opening moves made by Constantine XI and Mehmet II upon the latter's ascension to power in 1451. Now, we get into the gritty world of medieval cannons and how those were going to change the game completely as the siege of Constantinople truly begins. 

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A conversation with Adrian Goldsworthy about his latest book: Philip and Alexander available now at hachettebookgroup.com/titles/adrian-goldsworthy/philip-and-alexander/9781541646698/

We talk all things Greek and Macedonian. Tons on Alexander the Great and his father, Philip. Plus, a little fun on a historical what-if between Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great. 

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Constantine XI and Mehmet II make their opening moves for the battle for Constantinople. Constantine begs for aid, which is slow to come from a medieval Europe inching ever closer to modernity. Mehmet is more proactive, constructing a massive new fort only six miles north of Constantinople itself. But, in the end, let's face it, this is all window dressing. The true conflict will be decided at the Theodosian Walls, which we here review. 

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This is a bonus preview of the complete episode I did on the history of western thought covering Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. These three Greek thinkers form the cornerstone of western philosophy in many ways until this very day. The entire episode, which clocks in in just under two hours is available for purchase at our website: westerncivpodcast.com.

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