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In this bonus episode, we do cover the basics of Renaissance painting, sculpture, writing, and architecture. I highly recommend looking at the images on our website, westerncivpodcast.com, while listening so you can follow along. 

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In our last look at the Italian Renaissance, we turn to Florence and the Medici, the name that is almost synonymous with the Renaissance. 

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In this episode, we turn to Milan and its contributions to the Renaissance as well as doing a quick overview of the city's history during this early-modern period. Then, we shift south to Rome and catch up with the Papacy as well as reviewing the history of the Sistine Chapel. 

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Inspired by my interview with Historian Robin Lane Fox, I put together a brief overview of Classical Greek medical thought and practice. If you want much more information, check out Robin's book here: https://www.basicbooks.com/titles/robin-lane-fox/the-invention-of-medicine/9780465093458/

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In our first Renaissance episode, we cover the traditional "Fathers" of the Renaissance: Petrarch and Boccaccio. We discuss Humanism. Then, finally, we end with an examination of early-modern Venice. 

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