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Now months into the siege, Mehmet and Constantine trade blows to determine the fate of Constantinople. Mehmet launches several new attacks, which the Byzantines hold off, but just barely. Then, with his army becoming increasingly disgruntled, Mehmet settles on one last attack.  

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This is a bonus preview of the complete episode I did on the history of western thought covering Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. These three Greek thinkers form the cornerstone of western philosophy in many ways until this very day. The entire episode, which clocks in in just under two hours is available for purchase at our website: westerncivpodcast.com.

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After Poitiers, Edward III, and his son, the Black Prince were flying high. They had the French King, John II, in captivity, and France was in turmoil. But, the fortunes of the Hundred Years War are fickle. This time, we follow Charles V, the new French King, as he rolls back English gains. Then, after the deaths of the Black Prince and Edward III, Richard II takes the throne and faces the Peasants Revolt of 1381. 

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In this episode, we pick up the Hundred Years War where we left off after the English victory at Crecy. Now, Edward III and his son, Edward the Black Prince, press the English forces once more into France, resulting in the English victory at Poitiers. 

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In this episode, I provide a complete recap of the Black Plague story arc from beginning to end in a highly condensed format. This episode covers the scientific nature of Yersinia Pestis, the spread of the Black Death through Europe in the mid Fourteenth Century, and the consequences of the plague, both long and short term. 

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Today we take a look at food, cooking, and baking in the Middle Ages. We are going to focus on England and France because the types of food available would have varied so much by region that it would be impossible to give an effective overview if we did all of Europe. We will cover Medieval foods commonly eaten, the banquet, cooking techniques, and I even try my hand at a few Medieval European recipes. 

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When we last left off, Henry of Normandy and Aquitaine had just become King Henry II of England. Now, in this episode, we will follow the reign of one of England's strongest kings as he navigates conflicts with Louis VII of France and his own Archbishop of Canterbury: Thomas Becket. This episode will take us to the succession of King Richard I (the Lionheart) and will be as far as we go in western European Medieval history before turning back to the Holy Land and Third Crusade. 

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Audition Template: 1 Mono Host track (with Speech Volume Leveler), 1 Mono Interview track (with Speech Volume Leveler), 1 Stereo Sound FX with effects, 1 Stereo Music Bed track. 44.1k, 16 bit, Stereo Master.

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In this episode the First Crusade finally reaches Jerusalem. Once again, it turns into a make-or-break for the European invaders.

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Audition Template: 1 Mono Host track (with Speech Volume Leveler), 1 Mono Interview track (with Speech Volume Leveler), 1 Stereo Sound FX with effects, 1 Stereo Music Bed track. 44.1k, 16 bit, Stereo Master.

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In this episode, we swing south to the Iberian Peninsula to catch up on Islamic Spain and the small, Christian Kingdoms that surround it. We begin with the quick and total collapse of Visigoth Spain in 711 AD and end with the disintegration of the united Cordoba Caliphate between circa 1000 and 1035 AD.  

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We resume our narrative in this episode circa 1000 AD in the Kingdoms of England and Normandy. Things are not going well in England. A series of inept English rulers allow different Scandinavian Kings to seize control over the English throne. Finally, when Edward the Confessor established himself as the English King things appear to be headed in the right direction. But, left without an heir, the question looms large in the distance: who will rule when he is gone? Then, a fishing trip gone really, really bad, has a very odd result when Harold Godwinson, the heir apparent, shows up in the court of William of Normandy. And all that sets the stage for one of the most unusual and fateful years in human history: 1066. 

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In this episode, we delve into the murky past that is Anglo-Saxon England and consider the major impact that the influence of Christianity had on Anglo-Saxon culture and politics. Then, we examine the reigns of two critical Anglo-Saxon Kings: Aethelbald and Offa. 

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