Western Civ

Our story continues with Theodosius briefly reuniting the Empire in 394. Then, all hell breaks loose again as the Huns force different Germanic Tribes from the Hungarian Plain in the first decade of the Fifth Century. Gaul is overrun and the situation is compounded by a growing rift between the East and West halves of the Roman Empire. Then, the Goths return to Italy around 408 AD behind a new leader, Alaric, desperate to find a permanent homeland within in the Empire. All that sets the stage for the epic sack of Rome in 410. 

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In this Episode, we take a step back and chronicle the changing social and political landscape beyond Rome's borders to the North. There, the arrival of the Huns from the Eurasian Steppe has a dramatic domino effect on the people's of Northern and Central Europe which eventually brings a group of Goths to the Danube in 376 seeking asylum. Once the Goths are allowed in things go from bad to worse culminating in the critical Battle of Adrianople in 378 AD. 

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