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While we all shelter in place, I thought I would put out a few fun supplemental episodes on cultural topics that I have not been able to fit into the narrative. This first episode in the series looks at the mechanics of cathedral building: finances, plans, workers, and the basic structure. 

If there are other cultural topics you want immediate episodes on, email me at westerncivpodcast@gmail.com

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We return to the plague narrative proper in this episode. Edward III sits victorious upon the medieval English throne fresh from victories in France. However, the Black Death cares not for kings or victories and marches towards England in the summer in 1348. In England, we get some of our best statistics for the plague due to the English tendency towards record-keeping. 

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We back the narrative up a little bit this time to catch up with England and France before continuing with the Black Death. In this episode, Edward III becomes King of England in his own right and the Hundred Years War begins. We explore the Battle of Crećy as well as the King's son, also a rising start: Edward the Black Prince. Finally, we look at how the longbow revolutionized combat in the Late Middle Ages. 

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