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In this very quick supplemental, we take a short tour of Europe around the year 1450 (well, really 1453). There is a map posted on the website, westerncivpodcast.com, for those interested in following along. Then, next time, we start the Italian Renaissance!

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A bonus episode covering the history of the western world's most popular holiday. From Santa Claus to December 25 and the origins of the Christmas tree, we cover it all. 

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The entire "Alexander Redux" series is complete and now available for purchase at the website: westerncivpodcast.com. For only two dollars you get four hours of audio content. Enjoy a free preview here! 

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The battle for Constantinople comes to a head. Mehmet and Constantine fight for the future of Europe outside the great Theodosian Walls. Nearly sixty days of siege come down to five short hours. Giustiniani suffers a severe injury that sidelines him at the last moment, just when he was needed the most. When the sun set over Constantinople on May 28, 1453, it would set over the greatest city in Christendom for the last time.  

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